Media praise for Mining the Social Web

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"There is so much potential in extracting, processing and synthesizing the the multi faceted, realtime data that can be mined from social sites. Mining the Social Web by Mathew A. Rusell covers these topics scrupulously. Here is my deailed review of the book" Full Review >
-- Bhakti Mehta,

"The hardest part of learning a data analysis method is not in implementing the method, it is applying the method in the context of a real data problem. And many texts often skirt the issue by using pre-processed data sets and problems defined to fit the method being taught. Russell uses analysis of social media sites to set a context where you start from having to gain access to real data sets, clean and transform the data into forms that your analytical libraries can make sense of, and then use the results to make a conclusion." Full Review >
-- Kiatikun Luangkesorn,

"This book is the best computer book I have read in several years. Social networks and data mining is a hot topic and reading Mining the Social Web will not only provide you knowledge about data mining but also supply practical code examples. In addition the books is an easy read and quite funny!" Full Review >
-- Carsten Jorgensen,

"The book is written with care and precision, not so easy to read but There is a practical use of the code that i love...i love to write and try code especially in Python It is an absolute must for those working in information retrieval.In my opinion a good book." Full Review >
-- Massimo Bonechi,

"Social media is an amazing source of data just waiting to be analysed. This book provides helpful examples of how to mine a variety of data sources using Python, a powerful programming language that simplifies access to the social networking APIs." Full Review >
-- Cerys Willoughby,

"Good book to help readers to accuire, analyze and summarize data from data web. " Full Review >
-- Surachart Opun,

"Why in the world would anyone want to mine data from social websites, you may be asking yourself just about now. Good question. Suppose you were in the process of creating a product, but at the same time you are curious as to which niche it would fit into. You may also be curious as to which niche is the most financially beneficial for your product, as well as perhaps you should tweak it to maximize your particular niche after mining the web for this data." Full Review >
-- Ninajean Slone,