Media praise for RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0

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"If you have a fundamental grasp of Java and want to learn how to build REST services this book and some time is about all you need. It is a thoughtfully constructed guide, taking you from understanding REST through designing REST web services and into ever increasing depth of JAX-RS including deployment. There are two main sections dividing the theory and practical with resources available for download to get you started. I found the pace comfortable and enjoyed the book's focus on applying JAX-RS to real world scenarios." Full Review >
-- Grant van Staden,

"Well thought out and executed. Very good introduction and reference/cookbook for future use." Full Review >
-- Konrad Garus,

"A comprehensive guide to Jax-RS, RESTful architecture and ancillary components. Thorough and easy to read." Full Review >
-- Rick Wagner,