Media praise for Functional JavaScript

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"I can say with little expectation of being disproven that this book presents one of the finest explanations of functional programming available today. This is in part because of Fogus's style, but also because the book lacks the doctrinaire viewpoint that undercuts so many other presentations. Fogus does not try to convince you that functional is better than what you do right now, but rather explains the techniques and lets you slowly come to appreciate the value of the approach by yourself. I expect most readers will find themselves folding aspects of his presentation into their JavaScript without necessarily adopting the entire functional orientation."
-- Andrew Binstock, Dr. Dobbs, Editor in Chief

"The strength of this book is that it shows clearly the relationship between the functional paradigm and the JavaScript language, and demonstrates how to apply the functional style to JavaScript. The examples suggest the types of activities that might usefully be performed in a functional style. For the reader who already has at least some familiarity with both JavaScript and with functional programming, this book is inspirational. For the skilled programmer, the book highlights the oddities and imperfections of JavaScript and demonstrates how these can be overcome to allow the adoption of a clean programming style."
-- Mike Joy, Computing Reviews

"I started reading Functional JavaScript a few days back. It started with my quest for expanding knowledge of JavaScript and making out the most from the wonderful libraries/frameworks available on the web. The author, Michael Fogus, starts the book by giving a short introduction to Underscore.js which is a JavaScript… " Full Review >
-- Nitin K Sookun,

"Functional JavaScript is nice mindshift and exploration into functional world when reader can write software with elegant API using functional approach..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,

"In his new book, Fogus attempts the twofold task of introducing his audience to functional programming in general, and demonstrating how one can achieve a functional style using Javascript and the underscore.js library in particular." Full Review >
-- Blaize Kaye,

"Just like it says on the tin, Functional JavaScript is just that: a book about writing JavaScript in a functional style with Underscore.js as the foundational library to give you some of the higher-order functions you need to get started. What Fogus has written here is an outstanding introduction to functional programming as a style/paradigm, but he has also written what I consider to be the authoritative text on applying that style to JavaScript." Full Review >
-- Rob Friesel,

"This book has something for every body. If you are a functional person you may learn the way of JavaScript and how to achieve most of the functional idioms with the language. Functional JavaScript - book cover If you are a JavaScript person you will learn how to use your tool of choice in a functional way. Even if you are familiar with JavaScript and functional programming, the book serves as a good resource to refresh and update your knowledge on both fields." Full Review >
-- Hernan Garcia,

"Fogus presented the sometimes tricky concepts of functional programming in clear language. It was also refreshing how Fogus explained that functional programming was not the only way to complete a task (and not a mandate that had to be the best solution)-but one way that can work in many situations." Full Review >
-- Dylan Scott,