Media praise for User-Centered Design

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"This book is a great introduction to the overarching concepts of user-centered design. It's not particularly in depth, but the author, Travis Lowdermilk, provides a great resource for folks that are new to UCD or who, like myself, are looking for a quick reference to use a starting point for introducing team mates to the principles behind a user centered approach to application development."
-- Mattie Langenberg,, Vice President, Director of Technology at HY Connect

"User-Centered Design by Travis Lowdermilk is a solid overview of the principles and practices of designing a software project with a focus on your users. The book does a good job of laying out the basic tools and processes of user-centered design, like usability studies, surveys, and project plans. It also argues convincingly for the power of its central points: user focus, preparation, and a structured process." Full Review >
-- Ben McCormick,

"The book ends with a development methodology that meets the premises of the book and is perfectly easy to understand for all levels of user examples." Full Review >
-- Diego Gonzalez,