Media praise for Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading

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"Since Cascading has been around for some time, the online documentation is relatively mature, and includes a gentle introduction to the library, with example source code, and a well written user's guide. However this does not obviate the need for a book that describes the library and walks the reader gently through its usage and subtleties. "Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading" is such a book. The book starts with a simple example of copying a file on Hadoop, and introduces the concepts of taps for data sources, and data sinks, as well as data pipes that connect them. It then graduates to the canonical word count example, using it as a vehicle to explain flows, and the operations that can be performed on them through the use of functions and aggregation functions. " Full Review >
-- Abe Taha,

"Want to use Cascading. You should have this book. Give idea/concept with lots of examples. Readers can read sample codes and follow each example." Full Review >
-- Surachart Opun,