Media praise for Learning Python

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"[T]his is most definitely a book worth getting for any Python programmer who either is new to the language or is a veteran of the language--the first will appreciate the no-nonsense easy-to-understand approach to introducing both the basics and some quite advanced topics, while the latter will appreciate it as a reference book or to expand on their understanding of certain topics."
-- Roger Walker,

"This book is huge, it will take you lots of time to read, but it well worth it. I choose this book to review although it was this big, because Python knowledge is in huge demand lately and also because I am totally new with the language." Full Review >
-- Sander Zegveld,

"This book is an aircraft carrier. Huge and massive, calmly floating in the sea of smaller Python tutorials and frameworks, it gives you as long a runway as you need until you're ready to take off into Python on your own." Full Review >
-- Erez Zukerman,

"Beginner's will find the book quite valuable, especially if they don't already know another computer language. More experienced programmers may find themselves skipping ahead in various sections but the book is still a "good read"." Full Review >
-- Tim Kramer,

"Learning Python, now in its fifth edition, is a humongous tome that covers Python 2 and 3. In covering both versions of Python, it does a tremendous service to the beginner. As a new Python programmer who's well-versed with other programming languages, I found the book easy to get up to speed with, and its verbosity and thoroughness an asset rather than a liability." Full Review >
-- Devendra Tewari,

"This book is a total killjoy for Python and programming. I had to stop reading it after 800 pages, which is about a half of this monster. The book tries to be all inclusive introductory to Python 2.7, Python 3, and to programming in general and fails miserably in all accounts. " Full Review >
-- Tuomo Kalliokoski,

"When compared to other "Learning" titles in the O'Reilly series, this one can seem intimidating at first due to the number of pages alone. However, the material is still very approachable. " Full Review >
-- Dylan Scott,

"All in all I would highly recommend this book to someone wanting to learn the Python language, whether a complete newcomer to programming, or a seasoned programmer wanting to pick up the syntax and style. In my opinion it compares favorably to Think Python as well as Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python." Full Review >
-- Aleksander Hansen,

""Learning Python" was one of the books that helped me get started in Python and it continues the superb quality of books that OReilly 'Learning' series produces. It gives detail and clear explanation of different aspects of the language plus many bite size examples, with interactive prompt whenever possible." Full Review >
-- Eric Chou,