Media praise for High Performance Browser Networking

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"If you are working where the web is your deployment platform, then HPBN has strong coverage of the protocols, networks, and APIs that you're using every day. Grigorik asserts that latency is the true performance problem of the web, and goes on to tell a compelling end-to-end story, looking at TCP, UDP, and TLS, then then different kinds of wireless networks between you and your users, and finally going deep on HTTP, XHR, SSE, WebSockets, and WebRTC. This should be required reading for anyone deploying applications to the web. I don't know of any other books quite like this one." Full Review >
-- Rob Friesel,

"As a web developer with a keen interest in (desktop & mobile) browsers and web performance, I enjoyed reading this book High Performance Browser Networking by networking guru, Ilya Grigorik and picked numerous practical tips that I can put to work. I had several "aha!" moments while reading it." Full Review >
-- Radhakrishna MV,