Media praise for Understanding and Using C Pointers

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"Pointers are the nemesis of most of newcomers to C. There are few issues related to this topic. Pointers arithmetics is confusing, people get confused when it comes to characters and strings, array based arithmetics using pointers will not make any beginner happy." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"I started developing an implementation of BK Trees in C recently. I had, many a time, played around with C but never done anything substantially big that would be deployed in some server. Now the time had come as the Python implementation was just too slow." Full Review >
-- Satyajit Ranjeev,

"Pointers and memory management are probably the two most intimidating factors about C. Where was this book when I was in college? Understanding and Using C Pointers is probably the best book i've read on pointers and memory management. The author does an excellent job explaining the subject matter and providing clear, concise examples along with the text. " Full Review >
-- Mat Powell,

"Overall 4.5 I have read several books that address Pointers; so I'm very familiar with the concept, its flexibility & usefulness like with data types , functions, & memory. This book, however is all about Pointers. It delves deep into Pointers & integrates Memory Management to help study it. " Full Review >
-- Anonymous Anonymous,

"This book is ideal for the programmer who has only had a casual introduction to pointers. One example is that type size_t is explained and not just shown. Some of the tutorials I have seen use types like this in pointer discussions without giving the full explanation of what is going on. " Full Review >
-- Dylan Scott,

"The book is absolutely fantastic and if you have anything to do with C or simply wanted to read an entire book on pointers, this is it. You will learn a number of new things, and suddenly a number of pointer mysteries will be demystified." Full Review >
-- Amit Saha,