Media praise for Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

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"I am a huge fan of the data journalism and visualization created by The New York Times. Some of their interactive visualizations are created with the open source JavaScript library D3 (Data-Driven Documents) created and maintained by NYT employee Mike Bostock. I have for a long time wanted to learn more about the techniques to create such visualization so I decided to spent a weekend reading Interactive Data Visualization for the Web." Full Review >
-- Carsten Jorgensen,

"This book gives a good (if basic) introduction to D3. Unfortunately, it's a bit more basic than I would like." Full Review >
-- Cavendish McKay,

"Interactive Data Visualization for the Web by Scott Murray from O'Reilly Media is an excellent book on get started on D3 for data visualization." Full Review >
-- Xiangdong Zhang,

"If you are interested in interactive Data Visualization by using D3 and enjoy to learn something new. This book will give you. Contents clear and easy for beginner. You will learn from many examples." Full Review >
-- Surachart Opun,

"Interactive Data Visualisation for the Web by Scott Murray puts you in the seat beside a data vis master as he takes you from zero to a solid comprehension of the thinking behind d3.js. It is well paced, perfectly suiting self-guided instruction and is full of helpful, well constructed samples. I would recommend this for novice to intermediate usage and seriously consider using it in my next information visualisation workshop." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,