Media praise for Async in C# 5.0

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"This is a short look at a fairly self-contained subject that can be covered in the space allocated. It is well written and the examples it presents are helpful rather than confusing but you are the sort of reader that wants lots of real-world examples you might be disappointed. For me they got the points across very effectively. If you want to know what Async and await are all about then this is a quick and painless way to add them to your C# toolkit."
-- Mike James, I Programmer

"This pragmatic book brings you up to speed on asynchronous programming in C# 5" Full Review >
-- Dror Helper,

"This short book (139 pages in the ePub version) serves as a good introduction and quick reference on how to utilize the new async and await features in C# 5.0 It also explains in detail how asynchronous programming works in .NET when using these features and some of the consideration to have when designing an asynchronous API." Full Review >
-- Hernan Garcia,

"Overall, it is a really good book. I love the topic, the writing style, and the information. I just wish there were more examples, especially ASP.NET MVC examples." Full Review >
-- David Hayden,