Media praise for Java EE 6 Pocket Guide

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"As a pocket guide, Arun Gupta's Java EE 6 Pocket Guide could never have been more than just a brief overview on what is a sizable and extensive framework, the book does admirably in condensing down key features explaining what they are as well as demonstrations of their basic use. Gupta writes with clarity and with understanding." Full Review >
-- Kelly Skye,

"A very concise book just for somebody who wants to know what is the buzz about Java EE 6 and why is it so important for any Java Developer to know anything and everything about Java EE 6." Full Review >
-- Sachin Dere,

"Might be useful if you already know some things about J2EE, but not for beginners." Full Review >
-- Niall Kader,

"This is simply a must have. I know you can always refer directly to J2EE specification, but from time to time, all you need is a short sneak peek." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,