Media praise for Lean Analytics

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"Without a doubt this book will quickly become the modern entrepreneurs bible and required MBA reading."
-- Reuven Cohen, Forbes, The Digital Provocateur

"The Lean Startup is a relentless cycle of building, measuring, and learning until you find the right product and market. It's hard work, and requires considerable discipline, whether you're a small startup or an intrapreneur in a traditional company. Ben and Alistair zoom into the measurement and learning process, packing Lean Analytics with concrete examples, real-world case studies, and advice you can use immediately. No innovator should be without this book. "
-- Eric Ries, Entrepreneur & author

"Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said 'Everyone is entitle to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.' This is never more true than in business. One of the best things about working with Alistair Croll is how he cuts through opinion with facts, turning marketing into learning, and product development into a conversation with customers."
-- Tim O'Reilly, Founder & CEO, O'Reilly Media

"We live in a day and age where data and analytics can (finally!) be used by anyone and everyone. If you're not leveraging the power of data and analytics to figure out what works and what doesn't, then you're working in the dark. Listen to Alistair and Ben...they're not only the lightswitch to get you out of the dark, but they know how the entire power plant runs. I can't think of two people I would turn to quicker if I had a startup and wanted to leverage the power of data to make my business a success."
-- Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation

"Not more numbers, but actionable metrics. In Lean Analytics, Alistair and Ben teach you how to cut through the fog of data and focus on the right key metrics that make the difference between succeeding and failing."
-- Ash Maurya, Author of Running Lean, and Founder of Spark59

"I bet you'd never imagined that success depends on your ability to fail. Fail faster, fail forward. And the secret to that success is your ability to learn and iterate quickly using data. Qualitative and quantitative. Let Alistair and Ben show you how to get to start-up nirvana smarter!"
-- Avinash Kaushik, Author Web Analytics 2.0

"Alistair and Ben are in the thick of things when it comes to Lean Startup and analytics. They ran a successful accelerator and help lots of startups. If you ignore the numbers, your odds of failure go up exponentially. As entrepreneurs you should do everything in your power to improve your odds. Trusting these guys is a great start."
-- Dan Martell, Founder

"This book is easily understood by all readers. Rather than a "how to" for hands-on techies, the book entices lay-readers and experts alike by covering new case studies and the latest state-of-the-art techniques."
-- David H., Reading Room Book Reviews

"If your business builds a product or service, this book is priceless--it takes you through the discovery, development, build, and testing processes in an approachable, step-by-step manner. Owning a copy of Lean Analytics is like having a management consultant / cheerleader / truth sayer right by your side every step of the way. Get it and use it well."
-- Christa Avampato, Christa in New York, Freelance Writer, Developer

"Lean Analytics is packed to the rafters with great real world examples making it easy to translate theory into practice. If there is one book you read this year that will accelerate you I would recommend Lean Analytics. If you don't like analyzing data then I would recommend you read Lean Analytics. "
-- Richard Brock, My Startup Life blog, Founder at Online Business Consulting

"An invaluable, practical guide for Lean Startup practitioners everywhere."
-- Steve Brock, Stevo's Book Reviews

"It's a highly recommended read to basically anyone in the tech industry. One thing this book does very well is to describe other models and how the lean analytics approach relates to them (this is required to do in research but unfortunately a rare sight in more mainstream literature)."
-- Thomas Hogenhaven, Thomas Hogenhaven: Online Marketing From A Research Perspective

"Overall, I'm feeling peace of mind. For all this book has provided me with, I sincerely believe this might be the best book for entrepreneurs in 2013. I think you ought to read this book at least once and probably should have a copy handy for when you change your OMTM as you successfully move along in your startup or new business project."
-- Kevin Kauzlaric,

"There were a number of small but important facts scattered throughout the book that elicited a small 'huh' from me as I read. For example, I learned the speed at which a user invites a friend to try a service is an order of magnitude more important than the number of friends he or she invites total, and without taking this speed into consideration the Viral Coefficient is relatively pointless."
-- Christopher Millard,

"Lean Analytics is a great book for anyone who wishes to learn more about validating an idea, building the right product and measuring growth."
-- Marc Abraham, As I Learn...

"So much of the outcomes you drive will be determined by what you decide to measure. Rather than fumbling to figure it out yourself, invest $15-20 in a book that gives you a giant head start. Happy Reading!"
-- Teresa Torres, Product Talk

"While most business books leave the reader bemoaning the senseless slaughter of the trees it took to produce the volume, Lean Analytics reveals a refreshing depth and breadth of insight produced through research and experience. It's an exceedingly well organized tome, presented in cogent English."
-- Peter Moreira, The Chronicle Herald

"Venture capitalists might even want to ask those who come to their doors if they have read the book and what they have learned. Even serial entrepreneurs with good track records could probably benefit from reading this book (even admitting privately how they might have done something differently had they read it)."
-- David G. Hill, Computing Reviews, Mesabi Group, Westwood Massachusetts

"Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz is part of The Lean Series offered by O'Reilly Media. In this book you will learn how to figure out your business model and your stage of growth. You will then be challenged to find the One Metric That Matters to you right now, and how to draw a line in the sand so you know when to "step on the gas and when to slam on the brakes." Although this book is primarily for start-ups you can apply the principles outlined by Croll and Yoskovitz in any company, division, or department you find yourself. " Full Review >
-- Eric Brown,

"Practical guide for beginning the journey towards creating high quality products and high quality business plans in the new world." Full Review >
-- Brent Jensen,

"It not a step by step guide, and the only thing lean is the title, because is a great book about what is mostly forgotten by the entrepreneurs: real metrics Sometimes we forget the reality and create our own worlds that are great to sell our dream, but have the rigth and key metrics is the most valuable thing and this book give us a lot of models to follow. A most have one." Full Review >
-- Jose Betancur,

"Book Review:  Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster by Benjamin Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll : Publisher- O'Reilly: ISBN- 13: 978-1449335670Lean Analytics- User Data to build a better startup faster is must book for any startup in any industry. It covers concept and practicalities of lean very… " Full Review >
-- Tushar Jain,

"Don't let the title deceive you, this book isn't lean by any means, but choc-full of pragmatic information on how to adjust your analytical strategy to follow only the information that is relevant to your business. For me, Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll, Benjamin Yoskovitz, opened me up to a whole new way of thinking, and how to align business focus by removing a lot of the analytical noise that does nothing for you." Full Review >
-- Doron Katz,

"It's a good book, but it is good to note that it is a companion to two other books in the series..." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,

"Lean Analytics is a practical guide and checklist for developing a high-growth start-up. The authors' main premise is that you should find a single meaningful metric, and then run experiments to improve it until this KPI is good enough to move to the next problem (of the next stage) of your business." Full Review >
-- Stephen Simpson,

"Without a doubt this book will quickly become the modern entrepreneurs bible and required MBA reading."
--Reuven Cohen, Forbes, The Digital Provocateur