Media praise for LED Lighting

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"Thoroughly recommended for all who wish to address the issue or need lighting. "
-- Philipp Marek, php security blog

"LED Lighting: A Primer to Lighting the Future by Sal Cangeloso is a very good primer to the world of LED lighting. It begins with a chapter on key feature of LED lights in an attempt to win you over. The book is structured very well but has too few illustrations for my taste. The information it carries is very thorough but may turn off non techies. Although I am an electronics engineer and am very interested in green technologies, I felt that the primer was not very successful in keeping me interested. Perhaps this is what primers are for and my expectations were misplaced. Recommended for those seeking a thorough but short reference about LED lighting. Not recommended for non-techies." Full Review >
-- Rino Sardon,

"LED Lighting is a digital technology that stands ready to replace the analog incandescent bulbs we have used for the past 130 years. " Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"This book is very entertaining for technology enthusiasts, so I highly recommend it." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,