Media praise for ZeroMQ

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"ZeroMQ is one of those technologies today that have sizeable shares of breathless adherents. I had been aware of the hubbub over the open-source messaging library for quite some time when I heard that the popular online tutorial " known simply as "The Guide", written by Pieter Hintjens, an author of ZeroMQ " would be made available in print and ebook. I snagged my chance to get a nice Kindle edition of the O'Reilly release. Apart from some serious formatting problems with the ebook (read on), I was extremely satisfied with the breadth and depth of this guide." Full Review >
-- Jon Gauthier,

"Book has two parts: "Learning to work with ØMQ" & "Software Engineering Using ØMQ". In first part author presents basics, socket and a lot of different different patterns. Examples are quite easy to grasp, many of them are continuations of others or they are different approach solving particular problem..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,