Media praise for Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

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"Most software developers will be familiar with patterns. There are some classic books that will tell you everything. But those books are mostly aimed at Java, or C#. Altough JavaScript is object-oriented, its lack of classes and prototypical inheritance asks for a different description of patterns. This book will give you everything to get started!" Full Review >
-- Michiel Overeem,

"I really like Addy's approach in book: every pattern has diagram (to visualize concept), code (to see real implementation), more examples (when pattern has some "flavours"), references (to read more), discussion (about advantages and disadvantages)..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,

"I’m back with my book reviews and in this case, it’s Addy Osmani’s newest book from O’Reilly Press: Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. Being honest, I read Addy’s blog pretty regularly, so I knew what to expect from this book before I got started reading it. However, having said that, I… " Full Review >
-- Tony Dunsworth,

"Addy Osmani is one of the best names in the world to write a book about javascript patterns. The book has specific topics, advanced patterns, MV* Patterns who Addy approaches in their projects, as TodoMVC. The book is recommended for all developers who work or wish to work with JavaScript, which is covered with easy topics and complicated." Full Review >
-- Luiz Tiago Alves de Oliveira,

""Learning JavaScript Design Patterns" by Addy Osmani provides a great explanation of how to apply well known design patterns using JavaScript. The author does an excellent job of the format of explaining how the design pattern works, the pros and cons of the design pattern, and provides specific code examples of implementing the algorithm. You could almost say that the book is close to a cookbook, but it provides even more details about how the design pattern works than a typical cookbook would. I would not recommend this for the beginner or novice JavaScript developer due to the fact that some of the implementations of the design patterns might be difficult to follow. If you are an experienced JavaScript developer, then this would be a great book to get if you are looking at applying well known design patterns to your everyday solutions to solving problems. Personally, I am a big fan of design patterns due to the fact that they are proven solutions to problems and are easily understood by other people that understand design patterns. I really enjoyed Chapter 12 that explained design patterns in jQuery." Full Review >
-- David Witherspoon,

"I think this book has a good summary of common patterns of JavaScript, and readers can understand patterns from real application on this book, so you can see the author prefer using frameworks or libraries to explain the concept. " Full Review >
-- Jace Ju,

"I like to think about this book as 3 books in one. The first 8 chapters are dedicated to explore and explain patterns, their creation process. their utility and an insight into the pattern community. The design patterns exploration start on chapter 9 while dedicating chapter 10 exclusively to the different flavors of Model View patterns. If the book was only that I will be very happy, but (like in a Sunday morning infomercial, there is more!)" Full Review >
-- Hernan Garcia,

"Learning JavaScript Design Patterns, by Addy Osmani, examines object oriented software design and applies those design principles to the JavaScript language. " Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"Addy Osmani's "Learning JavaScript Design Patterns" reads like a Greatest Hits album of blog posts--if someone made a Greatest Hits album of blog posts from JavaScript pedants. If you're already widely reading JavaScript developer blogs, then it's unlikely that you will encounter anything new in here. The book is something of a well-curated "round-up" of the best design pattern related blog posts, articles, and code demonstrations from the past couple years, and while this is probably the book's greatest strength, it's also the reason that people who are already familiar with Addy Osmani's work will wind up feeling disappointed." Full Review >
-- Rob Friesel,