Media praise for The Data Journalism Handbook

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"I recommend this book without hesitation for everyone interested in discovering and sharing information from large data collections."
-- Curtis Frye, Technology and Society

"The Data Journalism Handbook does an excellent job in covering one important aspect of that changing environment. I'd consider it required reading for anyone who considers themselves a journalist, as well as anyone who wants to see how their technology skills are being applied in the field of journalism."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"The book "Data Journalism" is a great inspiration for Journalist and it seems it's meant to encourage journalist to start embracing the change. It inspires Journalists to think of stories and find data about it." Full Review >
-- Paras Doshi,

"In an era when Twitter and Facebook opinion polls dominate local evening newscasts, it is refreshing to see that real journalism is still alive and there are individuals using modern tools to find and present the stories that can impact all of our lives." Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"En yderst velkommen bog om kunsten at indsamle, analysere og præsentere store datamængder" Full Review >
-- Soren Storm Hansen,