Media praise for Planning for Big Data

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"Big data is a much hyped term that everyone talks about. But what is big data? What does it mean to us? Why do we need to know it? This and more are what the author aims to answer in his collection of essays (more than a book)." Full Review >
-- Raghuram Bharathan,

"Planning for big data gives a 50000 foot view into the world of big data and data science. It is perfect for the big data newbie and the author even says if you're already working with big data you should give the book to a friend. I found it be a easy read that didn't take longer than 3 or 4 hours." Full Review >
-- Brett Child,

"Big Data sector is increasing in importance in ITC. therefore ITC Manager and CIO are involved in a not easy challange. In 3 points: 1) understanding the techniques to extract precise information from these enormous data sources; 2) have a panorama of main vendors offering specifics solutions (IBM, Oracle etc.); 3) obtain some guidelines of the perspectives (e.g. of NoSql DB). This booklet is concise but very useful in all the previous instances." Full Review >
-- Gianni Giaccaglini,

"Planning for Big Data presents a series of short articles on working with Big Data. Big Data being the large datasets that are available today." Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,