Media praise for Maintainable JavaScript

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"If you know Zakas, then you know this is a quality pick-up even before reading it."
-- Louis Lazaris, Impressive Webs

"Zakas does a good job making this information accessible and concise, and his inclusion of alternative perspectives provides a wider view of the community as a whole."
-- Nicholas Cloud

""Maintainable JavaScript" by Nicholas Zakas (O'Reilly 2012) is a short-and-sweet little text on (as the cover says) "writing readable code". And by "readable code", Zakas means "code that other developers not named [YOUR NAME] will be able to read and make sense of and ultimately maintain". This book is for novice and intermediate level JavaScript developers that want to get a better sense of what "readable" and "maintainable" code looks like." Full Review >
-- Rob Friesel,