Media praise for ClojureScript: Up and Running

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"ClojureScript: Up and Running is written well and appropriately illustrated with code samples, flow charts, and other diagrams."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"An exploration of "the JavaScript that could have been" -- Sierra and VanderHart take us on a quickstart introduction through ClojureScript. As the title promises, it's enough to get you up and running, but not so much that you'll be overwhelmed. Lucid and concise, I would recommend this to anyone looking to get started with CLJS." Full Review >
-- Rob Friesel,

"The book will be very helpful for anybody that is considering ClojureScript to decide if it's the right choice. There are lots of little nuggets of information that deal with internals and caveats that I found very informative." Full Review >
-- Hernan Garcia,

"Authors did a great job to get ClojureScript up and running. Book is relatively short but it covers essential things about ClojureScript. The compilation process and use of Google Closure Compiler are well explained. Book also goes through basics of ClojureScript..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,