Media praise for Hadoop Operations

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"If you are concerned or interested in learning how to setup, run, maintain and operate Hadoop in a real, live setting I cannot think of a better book than this one."
-- Edmon Begoli,

"Overall, this is an excellent book to have on hand when planning, installing, and configuring a Hadoop file system and cluster. This book is useful even if you are not building from one of the two major distributions of Hadoop (Apache and Cloudera). Note, however, that this book does not cover using the Hadoop file system and cluster."
-- W. E. Mihalo, Computing Reviews

"Great book for engineers who are tasked to administrate a Hadoop Cluster. Well written and serves as a excellent reference for the purpose of making appropriate software/ architecture decisions as well as configuring your cluster. Book is at an advanced level at times so if you are new to hadoop you might want to reference a text such as "Hadoop: the definitive guide " by Tom White." Full Review >
-- David Ostrowski,

"There was written about how to operate the Hadoop. In this book, readers will see 11 chapters and learn about Hadoop architecture, get idea for Hardware selection and etc. After readers read a book, they should be able to understand more about HDFS, MapReduce, planning for Hadoop Cluster, installation and configuration. Topics in a book are difficult more a bit, but Author writes them more interesting and easy to read. If readers read this book and would like to work on Hadoop environment, this book is useful. It will guide readers how to work. When I read this book - It's definitely a good book to guide readers to install, configure and maintain Hadoop. However, this book is just the guideline. Readers still have to find out more and spend more time with Hadoop. Because, Some chapters explain much more and very helpful for readers, but some chapter will guide readers for idea only. However, If readers are looking some book to guide and be useful about Hadoop. This book can be your answer. Something, I like in this book. Readers will learn from good examples and ideas from Author. With layout in this book, it's a quite good. It helps reader to read easy, Pictures and examples in book are properly arranged. " Full Review >
-- Surachart Opun,