Media praise for PostgreSQL: Up and Running

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"Quick summary: PostgreSQL Up and Running, by Regina Obe and Len Hsu, tells you everything you need to know if you want to start playing with the database engine that all the cool kids are using. It assumes that you already know something about SQL, but as the title… " Full Review >
-- Peter Clark,

"PostgreSQL: Up and Running by Regina ObeMy rating: 4 of 5 starsCompared to most books that introduce a full featured relational database management system, PostgreSQL: Up and Running is surprisingly short. It achieves this by being focused on its purpose, and doing it well. It is aimed at someone who… " Full Review >
-- Kiatikun Luangkesorn,

"It's short and powerful introduction to PostgreSQL's core features and approach. Many useful links to PostgreSQL resources are included. This book was enjoyable to read and perfect for getting me up-to-speed with PostgreSQL." Full Review >
-- Grant van Staden,

"A quick guide to the PostgreSQL Database for users with prior experience with other DBMS. The book sets out to highlight the interesting features in PostgreSQL not present in other DBMS's The book goes over Obtaining PostgreSQL, Basic Administration, Client tools, Data types, Constraints and Indexes, PostgreSQL specific SQL, Functions, Performance tuning and Replication." Full Review >
-- Andrew Colin Kissa,

"At a commanding 163 pages, PostgreSQL Up in Running is a quick read for those looking for the basics of administrating your postgres installation (oddly, installing/configuring is not in scope of this book). The book goes over basic configuration, however the chapters i was after were the chapters on functions, performance tuning, and replication. Overall a great little reference for any user/administrator of PostgreSQL." Full Review >
-- Mat Powell,