Media praise for Testable JavaScript

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"Testable JavaScript is well written and rich with code examples, screenshots, diagrams and other illustrations. Whether you write client-side or server-side JavaScript--or both--or you are trying to rework some legacy files, Mark Ethan Trostler's text can help you learn how to better create and maintain testable code."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions, Novelist, screenwriter, technical writer, and author of nonfiction books

"The author has an easy, readable style that is at once informal and authoritative. Each chapter has useful introductions and summaries and the content is well signposted... there is a wealth of information here which should be of interest to JavaScript developers and testers."
-- Patrick Hill, BCS blog, CEng MBCS CITP

"While there are a number of JavaScript programming manuals that teach the basics of the language, there is a real need for texts aimed at working JavaScript programmers who would to take take their practice in a more professional direction. "Testable JavaScript" by Mark Ethan Trostler does a fine job of addressing this particular concern. " Full Review >
-- Blaize Kaye,

"Comprehensive book to learn javaScript in elegant way" Full Review >
-- Tushar Jain,

"The author was in charge of Yahoo! Mail and some of tools introcuded here are also Yahoo!'s development tools. This book contains not only Java Script specific testable technic but also how we should manager code quality in daily development with many introductions of tools. Therefore, some of readers who know fundamental testable technics very well already will be bored to read the parts. For examples, agile development, test-driven development, coverage, complexity, why/what/how testable/maintainable/understandable... This parts are so boring. However, regarding tool introduction parts, they are practical and understandable how we set up environment and use with code/command examples and how our applications become more stable with testing tools.Figures are also helpful to understand the look&feel of each tools. The tool introduction part is consolidated and helpful for every developer who would like to integrate JS test tools and automation for building/testing/analyzing JS applications and improve their current development environment." Full Review >
-- Hitoshi Uchida,

"Testable JavaScript is written in a good solid way..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,