Media praise for Windows PowerShell for Developers

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"This was an enjoyable invigorating read; in fact, I went through it multiple times. I appreciate the developer-centric perspective that Doug displayed throughout the text. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a weekend hacker, if you have any interest in PowerShell, I encourage you to pick up Windows PowerShell for Developers."
-- Wes Stahler, FatBeard's Adventures in PowerShell

"Doug Finke’s new book Windows PowerShell for Developers is “for developers”."
-- John D. Cook, The Endeavour

"This book is definitely a must if you want to learn more about PowerShell. "
-- Michael Kim,

"Douglas Finke is an MVP for Windows PowerShell.  This one point is enough to say the quality of this book. When I was started learning and writing Powershell scripts, I really got crazy about that.  It has elegant syntax which will impress both developers and administrators.  Powershell is not just… " Full Review >
-- M Sheik Uduman Ali,

"To be honest with you, I had just a slight idea what Windows PowerShell was. I had never used it before but I had heard of it being a scripting language for .NET and the Windows Platform. Similar to what BeanShell provides for Java. There is a lack of resources on Powershell that explains the power you can unleash for automation, testing, repititive tasks,etc. This book explains the concepts step by step so that not just the pros but also regular developers can take a shot at using it without fear. " Full Review >
-- Santosh Shanbhag,

"It is not often that a technical book makes you rethink how you think. Doug Finke (a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) has achieved just that with this concise PowerShell reference.He starts out our journey describing PowerShell as a glue language that is as programmable as Perl, Python and Ruby and… " Full Review >
-- Wes Stahler,

"For those fans of PowerShell, and for those just getting on-board, PowerShell MVP Doug Finke has built the bridge for your journey with his latest book Windows PowerShell for Developers from O’Reilly Media. As a long time user of PowerShell for everything from quick scripts to more challenging workflows and… " Full Review >
-- Eric Wright,