Media praise for Programming C# 5.0

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"Programming C# provides a detailed review of many of the features of C# and is a good choice for wanting to learn more about the language." Full Review >
-- Kyle Lewis,

"I recently read Programming C# 5.0 by Ian Griffiths as part of O'Reilly's Blogger Review program. For those who care about formats, I read the epub format and not the print one. Overall the book isn't bad, but there are some issues that left me less than impressed. My primary issue with the book is that it isn't clear who it is intended for. Certainly, targeting a generic C# book is going to be hard given the wide variety of areas C# is used in (Azure, XNA / MonoGame, WinRT, etc) and it seemed like there was a need for the book to be a little more specific in terms of domain." Full Review >
-- Michael Dominick,

"Features of C # 5.0,. NET 4.5 Framework, building applications for Windows 8, some ASP for the web, some XAML etc ... In short, the whole new world of apps open to us with Windows 8" Full Review >
-- Marc 137,

"Over the past ten years, Microsoft’s .NET framework has become a popular choice for software projects. For many, C# is the preferred language when working with .NET, since Microsoft developed the language with their framework in mind. The C# language … Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Ryan Holman,