Media praise for Programming Hive

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"It was started with introduction and getting started topics. You will learn why you are supposed to use Hive and installation. After you knew whether you should use it or not. You will learn something about Hive. For example: Data Types and File Formats, Data Definition, Data Manipulation, Queries and etc. You will learn to setup and use some applications what relate to Hive. For Example: Hive Thrift and etc When you read this book, you can follow examples and test command on your test. For readers, you should know a bit about SQL and XML. However, you can download virtualbox and install, then run hive to practice from book examples, even through you have no idea about Hadoop. Practice and practice! I still believe there is a best way for learning. This book still gathers case studies which are interesting. Somehow, I read this book, there is helpful for me understand about Hive and how to learn, install, configure and use it further. I could learn many command-line for Hive and Hive SQL. I could follow command and SQL for test by myself. I could learn some parameters about Hive, that's useful for tuning and etc. If you are thinking and planing to implement Hive and find out book. This book might help you. Something in book should adjust, that might be URL links in a book because some links have not worked." Full Review >
-- Surachart Opun,