Media praise for Understanding PaaS

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"If you are curious about cloud computing or ready now to try some development in the cloud, add this well-focused little book to your reading list and reference library."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

""Understanding PaaS" is a very short book on cloud computing specifically focusing on PaaS at a high level, the whole book is around 50 pages so you might finish the reading in one sitting. The book starts with explaining IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) which lays foundation for coming chapters. " Full Review >
-- Vishal Biyani,

"Understanding PaaS by Michael McGrath provides a lot of great information related to Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). As you can tell by the title the focus is more on PaaS than the other two. Even though the book is short compared to most book covering a topic, it seems that the authors intent is to provide you some great information about the benefits of PaaS, provide some good examples on how to start experimenting with it, and what you need to think about when you are designing the architecture of an application to run in the Cloud. If you are a developer or manager looking for a quick introduction into the benefits and what you need to think about when creating application to run in the Cloud and dealing with organizations that provide PaaS capabilities, then this is the book for you. If you are expecting this book to provide complete details of everything to do with Cloud Computing and PaaS capabilities (which is not the intent of the book), then you should look for something else. I really enjoyed the chapters on Architecture that talked a lot about what you need to be thinking about and the examples that are provided." Full Review >
-- David Witherspoon,