Media praise for Programming Android

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"This book is great for reading from cover to cover as well as using it as a reference. I plan on keeping this book by my side. This book is for anyone looking to get into Android programming or anyone looking for direction on building Android applications with the latest APIs, tools, and best practices."
-- Tad Anderson, Real World Software Architecture

"I found this to be a very well-designed and well-implemented book that could be used by a wide range of readers, from beginners to professionals in Android applications development."
-- Todor Todorov, Computing Reviews, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

"Want to get into Android programming? What better than a book called Programming Android from O'Reilly! :) This is a GREAT resource! The book is well-organized into sections, giving you information on how to setup your environment all the way up to handling more recent topics like NFC." Full Review >
-- Thomas Harning,

"I have programmed on many platforms over the years, including mobile platforms like Windows mobile. I was looking at this book to bring me up to speed on Android and not spend a great deal of time on the basics of programming"" Full Review >
-- Charles Bess,