Media praise for SQL and Relational Theory

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"My favourite part by far is the multitude of examples and the in-depth explanations. Each chapter has a set of exercises and the answers are in the back, making it a great study book. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone tired of reading a dry database theory book or wants to know more about how SQL works behind the scenes."
-- Matthew Bates, Compsoc Book Reviews

"I found the book an enjoyable read and I think that most professionals involved with relational databases would find something new in it. I’d recommend it."
-- Dr. Patrick Hill, BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT, CEng MBCS CITP

"This book does n`t deal with SQL statements .. But is all about between SQL and the Relational concepts theory in a mathematical way.How SQL departs from relational theory, the basic principles of relational theory etc"" Full Review >
-- Sriram Sanka,

"SQL and Relational Theory is devoted to relational theory and explaining why SQL is not relationally complete. Author will guide you through various topics from the relational modeling and show how SQL is limited in a way. At some point this is interesting but will left you with a felling that you have to stick to practices derived from particular implementation of the SQL while at the same time you will be aware of it's limitations in relational sense." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"In this book, you learn about Relational model; Types and Domains, Tuples and Relations,... that's all many contents, ideas and examples. You will learn SQL and Relational theory from Professional. When you read each chapter finish, you will see "Exercise", that will help you memorize and understand more. It has well-formed paragraphs and many references; it's good for readers. I believe this book is useful for DBAs, students and someone who interests in SQL and Relational." Full Review >
-- Surachart Opun,