Media praise for Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual

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"I recommend Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual to anyone new to touch technology, or who is a little fearful of setting up and using the Kindle Fire."
-- Elisa Pacelli, MyMac Magazine

"The Fire, it turns out, operates almost nothing like a classic Kindle. Yes, you can still download and read books. But the Fire offers much, much more..... I am very glad to have this book, because it explains numerous features and capabilities that I hadn’t yet tried or even discovered. And I truly wish I had had it on hand when I first opened the new box from Amazon."
-- Si Dunn,

"I purchased a Kindle Fire last fall and it has been my favorite ebook readers since I turned it on. But really it is so much more. There are so many features that I didn't know where to start, but this book helped me learn how to use the Kindle Fire effectively and utilizing all its great features. This book will give you step by step directions on going online, getting apps, watching videos, reading your own documents and so much more. "
-- Susan U., Book Bargains & Previews

"The book is an easy read and its fun to sit at the kitchen table with your Fire, a cup of coffee and your copy of Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual while you figure out the wonders of your new device."
-- Dave, The Review Wire

"This is an excellent manual that I highly recommend to anyone that's just entering the world of e-readers. This book will help you unlock the full power of the Kindle Fire, and I'd venture to say that it may even teach the skilled Kindle user a thing or two."
-- Darrin Vindiola, Dads Dish Retro Blog

"No Kindle owner should be without this basic manual."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review: The Bookwatch, The Computer Shelf, June 2012, Volume 7, Number 6

"The bad thing about purchasing the first generation of a device is the lack of material written on how to find all of the hidden features and best use the product. Sure tech geeks and hackers try all kinds of things as soon as they can, but what about the average person that just wants to use the device? And that's the best thing about this book. It's written for the nongeek/nontechie so that they can figure out what they can do with the device and the best way to use it. Written in a clear easy format, Peter includes step by step instructions for navigating the Kindle Fire and provides copious illustrations to help you make sure you're in the right place." Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,

"I bought a Kindle Fire on its launch day. While I’ve come to enjoy the device, I read Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual by Peter Myers to see if there if there was anything I missed in my tinkering with the Fire. Well, I am pleased to report that the book provides a friendly… " Full Review >
-- Will Kelly,