Media praise for Dreamweaver CS6: The Missing Manual

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"This book should be all you need to get comfortable with both Dreamweaver and the range of coding conveniences it offers."
-- Brett Merkey,

"This book is the most comprehensive guide yet published about Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. The author covers every element, capability and feature of the program, supporting the readers’ learning process with 13 hands-on projects."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing, Vol. 17 No. 4/5, July/October 2012

"I should note at the outset that my experiences in using Dreamweaver CS6 have been influenced by Mountain Lion and the Retina display on my new MacBook Pro. Suffice it to say, Adobe has work to do in order to make Dreamweaver wholly compatible with the new Mac OS and… " Full Review >
-- Christinger Tomer,

"If you don't know where to begin when you open Dreamweaver the first time, I recommend you this book. Dreamweaver doesn't come with a manual anymore, so this book helps. A nice thing about this book is that it doesn't cover some features that are not in use anymore but Dreamweaver still has. So it's focus in on active and useful features." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,