Media praise for Think Complexity

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"Think Complexity is not just another how-to-program-in-Python book."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"This short but extremely exciting book is simultaneously an invitation to actively participate in what Stephen Wolfram has called "A New Kind of Science", and an introduction to "Data Structures" (what traditionally has been the second course in Computer Science) with an exciting new motivation."
-- Ira Laefsky, MSE/MBA

"If Professor Downey ever opens an online class for "Think Complexity" either synchronized or on UDemy I would sign up in a heartbeat."
-- Eric Chou,

"I was read Cellular Automata and fractals hard way using 'C' during my academic; but Allen makes me understand them with simple tools and real-world examples using Python. " Full Review >
-- M Sheik Uduman Ali,

"After studying 5 years Computer Science there are not too many surprising topics in that book. It was nice adventure to refresh some Python and go through "Case Study" chapters..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,

"This was a difficult book to read! For the most part, it is a textbook introducing the field of Complexity Science and explaining some fundamental Computer Science topics. The explanations of the topics are not very different to the standard ones available in most other textbooks but the exercises provided are a bit more geared to practical use of the theory. Python is used to demonstrate some topics but don't expect a lot of practical Python programming, the content is predominantly theoretical." Full Review >
-- Grant van Staden,

"This one is not an easy one, however, if you won't be able to solve all the presented puzzles it is still worth getting through the book." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"The author starts from introduction what the complexity theory is and why the specific problem can't be resolved with traditional approach precisely. After the introduction, it starts from basic algorithm explanation of graph, hash map, iterator, and how to estimate the calculation cost with sample codes and the concrete estimation procedure. " Full Review >
-- Hitoshi Uchida,