Media praise for What's New in Java 7?

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"What's New in Java 7 by Madhusudhan Konda provides a survey of some of the important updates and changes made in the Java 7 release. As the author states this is a survey and not a complete list of all updates and changes. The topics that are covered by the author are done well and provide great examples for the reader to follow. I hope that there might be additions made to this book that cover the other updates and changes that have been made in Java 7, for example Java SE 7 release now contains JAXP 1.4.5, some interesting changes have been made to security enhancements, important enhancement for multithreaded custom class loaders that were prone to deadlock has been fixed, and many others. In addition, not all of the examples are coded correctly, but you get understand what he is trying to say." Full Review >
-- David Witherspoon,