Media praise for Windows 8: The Missing Manual

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"I highly recommend this easy to use manual if you are struggling with Windows 8. "
-- Syrena Gatewood,

"This massive 900 page volume is divided into logical sections to enable users new to Windows 8 to get to grips with the various aspects of this new operating system a key feature of which is its touch-screen interface. It also covers Windows RT which is, in essence, a variant of Windows designed to run on the lower power ARM chips that are widely used in tablets."
-- Adrian J Morant, Gadget Speak

"Like many users I was initially very skeptical of Windows 8. The changes were not intuitive and the removal of the Start menu in exchange for the Start screen is downright confusing. However this book does an excellent job of explaining the interface for desktop users. Windows 8 the missing manual is a great companion for any Windows 8 user. " Full Review >
-- David Greenbaum,