Media praise for Designing Data Visualizations

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"I got to review this book through O'Reilly, I made the mistake of reading it on the Kindle. Due to this I couldn't make heavy use of all the links the authors shared and all the color images were black and white. Especially the latter was a handicap when reading"¦ " Full Review >
-- Ivo Flipse,

"The book is however very well structured and entirely theoretical; it won't try to tell you what to draw and when; just what a data visualization is, what they usually look like, what they look like when they're bad and what they look like when they're really good." Full Review >
-- Ionut Artarisi,

"Insight­ful, sub­stant­ive and a must read for any­one work­ing with data visu­al­isa­tion as con­sumer or designer. Julie Steele andNoah Iliisky's new volume "” Design­ing Data Visu­al­isa­tions "” from O'Reilly suc­ceeds in apply­ing a long over­due and well craf­ted taxo­nomic pro­cess to the art of Data Vis." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,