Media praise for Ethics of Big Data

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"This little book is an important addition to the Big Data literature and should be standard reading for all management and project team members before they embark on Big Data projects. It will give you a lot to think about."
-- Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today

"For those dealing with big data, they need to start thinking about the ethical issues involved and Ethics of Big Data: Balancing Risk and Innovation is an excellent resource to help with that effort."
-- Ben Rothke, RSA Conference

"I highly recommend the balanced values and ethics based book Ethics of Big Data: Balancing Risk and Innovation by Kord Davis, to any organizational leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, watchdog groups, public policy makers, and individuals who are concerned with ensuring that big data is treated and handled in an ethical manner. This book raises important questions, and offers practical and readily applicable strategies for maintaining values that benefit the customers, employees, brands and the organization as a whole."
-- Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World

"This book provides early thoughts to be considered while implementing Big Data initiatives in any organization. Authors did a great job explaining ethical issues about possible uses of data from customers/patients/citizens which can be easily understood by technical and non-technical people involved in any Big Data project." Full Review >
-- Alejandro Mancilla,

"… " Full Review >
-- Tushar Jain,

"Aside from providing you the basic concepts behind the emergence of big data, it also offers a rather good look into the way data is handled on the Web, along with the associated risks carried by such a large amount of information. Furthermore, the book also serves as a good call-to-action, prompting companies to set values, and to adhere in the face of decision points about user data." Full Review >
-- Bea Kylene Jumarang,