Media praise for Lean UX

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"One of the most actionable for product development. 150 pages of distilled wisdom."
-- Derick Jose,, Director - Big Data Solutions

"Solid overview and concepts. Felt a little on the short side, but that's probably okay as that leaves more time to actually implement these ideas."
-- Jeff Stern, Goodreads

"Lean UX is a new approach to interaction design. In his book Jeff Gothelf advises the reader to rapidly experiment with design ideas, validate them with real users and continually adjust the design based on the result of this ongoing (iterative) process." Full Review >
-- Thomas Kuenneth,

"Jeff Gothelf writes in such a friendly yet knowledgeable and trustworthy way with the use of case studies, anecdotes, diagrams and thorough explanations of Lean UX and how to start incorporating it into your workflow." Full Review >
-- Daniel Furze,

"If you want to see how to apply UX in a lean and/or agile environment, this book will certainly help you. If you want to learn "ux", move on. I also think I'll buy some copies to gift them to my management." Full Review >
-- Christopher Maneu,

"This book provides me with a good level of how to set up agile UX methodologies in an organization, and gives me enough tools to do so." Full Review >
-- Vamshi Velagapuri,

"Lean UX is an easy to digest, practical book on how to incorporate a more effective way of developing software. It provides both valuable insights and practical techniques. I highly recommend it for anyone involved in software development and by that I don't mean just designers. I mean anyone involved." Full Review >
-- Gabriel Svennerberg,

"The ideas in the book enhance the design process as a collaboration software, iterative cycle-focused on reducing waste, not design (and build) products that their customers do not want." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,

"Undoubtedly software designers should read this book." Full Review >
-- Diego Gonzalez,