Media praise for Getting Started with OAuth 2.0

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"Getting Started With OAuth 2.0, by Ryan Boyd, provides an introduction to the latest version of the OAuth protocol. The author starts off by exploring the origins of OAuth, along with its importance, and why developers should care about it. " Full Review >
-- Lori Lalonde,

"OAuth the future of login? People are bored of registering and remebering user passwords on different websites. So the future of OAuth or using it in your daily life when developing website or apps is not that much far. Already many websites have been using it. This book Getting Started with OAuth 2.0 by Ryan Boyd published by O'Reilly Media is an awesome must read book." Full Review >
-- Hari K T,

"Each profile of OAuth2.0 spec is explained more precisely than the OAuth2.0 specification and the readers could understand not only the core features but also when each authorization flow should be used or not. The advantage and disadvantage are also introduced. The sample messages of requst/response and the sample codes are also helpful for better understanding of readers. The explanation of the extension API of Google OAuth2.0 server is also useful to grasp the actual available functions for the moment." Full Review >
-- Hitoshi Uchida,