Media praise for Hadoop: The Definitive Guide

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"Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition is not a beginner’s how-to book. But it’s definitely recommended for “programmers looking to analyze datasets of any size, and for administrators who want to set up and run Hadoop clusters.”"
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"The book is a good reference, capturing new developments of Hadoop and its ecosystem of projects sufficiently across its breadth."
-- Mitch Pronschinske,

"If you happen to start working with Hadoop in your project or considering some of the related technologies--this book is a great start."
-- Paris Apostolopoulos, Papo's log

"This is a 'must' for any serious programming reference library. "
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review: The Bookwatch, The Computer Shelf, August 2012, Volume 7, Number 8

"It's a solid all around book covering several different areas of the Hadoop ecosystem. However, it shouldn't be the first book someone reads about Hadoop."
-- Alexandros Giamas, Athens MongoDB User Group

"This book really gives you a good and solid introduction of Hadoop ecosystem and the various technologies associated to it like Hive, Pig, etc." Full Review >
-- Nikhil Bendre,

"Hadoop is today a industry-standard software for the Big Data and this book it's the industry-standard book for Hadoop. This book is able to bring you from no knowledge about Hadoop and the Big Data to a full knowledge of Hadoop and it's usage. The book is split in 16 chapters and 3 appendix for a total of 628 pages of contents. This make ~33 pages for chapter so it's easy to read and to find what you need. This is very important since " even if it's possible " it's rare that this kind of book is read cover-to-cover. " Full Review >
-- Fabio Alessandro Locati,