Media praise for Mobile HTML5

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"I enjoyed reading about all the different aspects of mobile web apps as there were parts that I was not familiar with. Even the Chapters on "What's New" in HTML5 and CSS3 were enlightening because I was able to discover new things. For any new or seasoned developer looking to take advantage of the explosive mobile platform market, I would highly recommend reading this book." Full Review >
-- Jason Au,

"Mobile HTML5 will be most helpful for any developer who needs to understand targeting mobile devices. However it doesn't show you how to package that application for an App Store. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are the ever-more-capable foundation stones for building applications, and this book is a great introduction." Full Review >
-- David Herron,

"Thanks to this book, I can pursue the idea of developing apps if I wish. The author tells us how to develop for any device, as long as that device uses a web browser, and it isn't OS dependent. That is great! I told a friend of mine, who happens to be an engineer about this book and he says he wants to get a copy. As to if he does? I have no idea. But based on what he said to me about an app some acquaintances of his were having trouble with, it's real good bet that he will." Full Review >
-- Ninajean Slone,