Media praise for #tweetsmart

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"#tweetsmart is full of great Twitter ideas to engage and delight your customers."
-- Angela Boyle, Technical Communication, Volume 60, Number 3, August 2013

"Although the title doesn't clearly hint at this, this book's primary audience is growing your business or audience using twitter. Each chapter is a short and simple way of using twitter to "build your community" but in reality it's about getting your message across. " Full Review >
-- David Greenbaum,

"If you have run out of ideas of what you can use twitter for, take a look at this book. Lots of easy projects that can be quickly implemented." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,

"McDougall's book provides 25 solid projects that online marketers can put to use to engage with buyers using twitter. It is written in a lively and fun style and will pave the path for those unconvinced that Twitter can be employed to reach a new or existing market for a product or service. Although many of the projects could be employed to share a message or spark local interest in a cause, its primary audience is sellers and it would benefit from more information on how to build and sustain communities beyond simple one-off projects. Although seeking to provide ways to build community I find that this is more of a twitter marketing manual and is restricted to shorter limited ways to engage with customers than concrete longer term strategies for building community. This is not an easy task and there are pitifully few places to turn for advice on this process. This is a practical and direct read for a small or medium business person attempting to gain rapid familiarity with some of the subtler aspects of online engagement using Twitter." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,