Media praise for Making Things See

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"With Making Things See — the newest in the Make: Books series from O'Reilly — Borstein tries to bring the skills he learned as a grad student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program to the hacker and builder communities at large.... If you think you have the skills you need to get started, the time has never been better to pull that Kinect off the shelf and fire up your text editor."
-- Jeff Blagdon, The Verge

"I found Making Things See to be great for beginners, written in a complete and easy to read and follow fashion, yet with projects challenging enough for more advanced technologists. The Wireless Tape Measure and the Exercise Measurement projects look to be fun and useful! It is a great book for people who want to take their technology a outside the box for benefit or simply for fun! "
-- Michelle, My Springfield Mommy

"“Making Things See” by Greg Borenstein is a great introduction into the world of 3D vision. Through the use of the Kinect, Arduino and the Processing language he shows not only the theory behind 3D vision but also practical examples of how to interface with the Kinect to “see” and interact with 3D objects." Full Review >
-- Tom Determan,

"This book makes it very easy to experiment with Kinect, Processing is easy to set up, simple to write and allows for rapid iterations. Perfect even when you're not that into programming (yet). The book has a very gradual increase in complexity, taking you from 2D, to 3D to changing the position of virtual camera and eventually scanning a 3D environment. The book starts to get really cool when you get to the Skeleton tracking part, which allows you to calculate the angles between limbs and use those to control the arm of an Arduino robot. Another great thing about the examples is how they show you all the basic elements you need to built highly interactive programs, like a virtual drum kit, controlling a robot or 3D model. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interesting in experimenting with Kinect. I easily got through the book in 3 days and with the help of Greg's GitHub you should have no trouble getting the examples to work! A definite recommendation!" Full Review >
-- Ivo Flipse,