Media praise for Virtualization: A Manager's Guide

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"Vitualization: A Manager's Guide is a short (about 58 pages in the ebook version) offering from O'Reilly which is targeted towards "managers or subject matter experts outside of information technology (IT)". The text generally revolves around the author's model of virtualization, which breaks the topic into subareas like access virtualization, network virtualization, etc." Full Review >
-- John Brady,

"I picked up a copy of "Virtualization: A Manager's Guide" as a part of the O'Reilly blogger review program. It was little questionable as while I'm technically a manager, I am also still very technical, so am on the border of the books audience." Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,

"Unless you have taken a sabbatical for the last couple of years, virtualization buzz words have become commonly talked about topics in IT organizations including infrastructure and application development. In fact, even business contacts have started taking notice of virtualization and are frequently questioning the IT department on what initiatives are being taken on that aspect. This concise book puts all flavors of virtualization together neatly organized in to different chapters." Full Review >
-- Santosh Shanbhag,

"Dan Kusnetzky's new book "Virtualization: A Manager's Guide" is subtitled "Big picture of the who, what, and where of virtualization". The book's ISBN is 9781449306458. Its website is at I have read the book. " Full Review >
-- Thomas Maher,