Media praise for Running Lean

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"As the idea of the Lean Startup spreads, Ash Maurya has written a hugely useful book full of examples of implementing the Lean Startup Methodology. If you are starting a company, or want to adopt the Lean Startup approach, Running Lean is a must read. "
-- Brad Feld, Foundry Group, Managing Director

"In Running Lean, Ash Maurya lays out a clear, practical plan for giving your startup the best possible chance. We used his approach at Year One Labs with every one of our startups. It's the best way for new companies to find their groove, explain their business model, and ultimately, grow their business."
-- Alistair Croll, founding partner, Year One Labs

"Running Lean is a great resource for the aspiring or successful Web entrepreneur since it consolidates the best start-up thinking in a practical guidebook that will prevent you from making the some of the most common early stage mistakes. It is required reading for all my students and angel investment management teams since it improves the chance of start-up success. "
-- Michael Marasco, Director and Professor, Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Northwestern University and Angel Investor

"If you're a startup founder who hasn't read it, you're already losing the race."
-- Chris Griffin, CEO - Betable

"A must-buy for any startup. It will save you a ton of time and money."
-- Bryan Hall

"This book should be required reading for any entrepreneur contemplating a web startup."
-- Dave Moskovitz

"You're hitting it out of the park with Running Lean"
-- Bernhard Kappe

"Running Lean is pure gold! Seriously, someone on my team refers to it EVERYDAY! "
-- Kirtus Dixon

"If you liked 37signals' Getting Real, you'll love Running Lean"
-- Kevin Dewalt

"I wish I had read Ash's book before setting out on my own entrepreneurial journey, as it lays out clearly and concisely a cheat sheet to learn many of the lessons that I've learned in the last four years through the school of hard knocks. "
-- Jason Jacobs, Founder & CEO, RunKeeper

"Customer validation has always been one of the best ways to eliminate wasted effort and shortcut directly to what will work. Eric Ries and Steve Blank did the startup world a great service by codifying and labeling the principles involved. Ash Maurya goes one further, providing a clear roadmap for internet entrepreneurs, with a delightfully clear and simple writing style."
-- David Skok, Author of For Entrepreneurs Blog; General Partner at Matrix Partners

"Lean concepts are exciting but it's hard to know what to actually do. Ash not only gives advice but makes it practicable--this is the first comprehensive guidebook for how to execute a Lean Startup. "
-- Jason Cohen, Founder of WP Engine & Smart Bear

"Ash has laid out a clear compass for anyone to validate their ideas, solve real problems and create a successful business. I'd encourage this book to anyone trying to get a business off the ground. "
-- Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo of

"In Running Lean, Ash has put together a book I wish I'd read before pursuing my own startup. The lean methodology has received a lot of press, but the level of detail, including case studies and practical applications make this book a resource worthy of sitting on every aspiring entrepreneur's shelf. It's not just great advice, but a great read, too."
-- Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-Founder, SEOmoz; Coauthor of The Art of SEO

"Ash provides compelling, actionable guidance for applying lean principles to a startup. His startup canvas changed the way I think about my own startup. This book is a valuable guide whether you are a serial entrepreneur or a first time founder. "
-- Sean Ellis, Founder and CEO CatchFree

"The "Missing Manual" for startups. The advisory team at MaRS uses the tools in Running Lean every day. Over the last year we've tested them with dozens of startups and found them invaluable in moving entrepreneurs from idea to product/market fit efficiently. "
-- Mark Zimmerman, Senior Advisor, MaRS

"Running Lean is a terrific step by step guide combining the best of lean startup, customer development, business model canvas, and agile/Continuous integration. Anyone involved in starting, funding, or helping others build new businesses will benefit, as our students at Northwestern have, from this down to practical and comprehensive guide to the modern startup. "
-- Todd Warren, Divergent Ventures and Class Chairman, NUvention WebI Northwestern University

"This is an invaluable resource for budding entrepreneurs providing a wealth of immediately actionable advice within a logical and accessible framework."
-- Dave Chapman, Vice-Dean for Enterprise, Faculty of Engineering Sciences Deputy Head of Department, Science & Innovation Director MSc Technology Entrepreneurship University College London

"Running Lean provides a well-structured guide to putting Lean Startup ™ principles directly to work in virtually any new business venture. And it could help you revitalize an existing enterprise, while you still have time and resources, if your current Plan A needs a Plan B, Plan C, or Plan Z, ASAP."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"You’d be wise to read and re-read this book two to three times a year as a group exercise, taking stock of where you are, fine tuning your Lean Canvas and increasing your team’s chances of success."
-- Alan Weinkrantz,

"This is one of the most important books ever written for cutting through the noise and confusion of starting up a new business and making sure you spend the time doing the right things. This is an absolutely essential tool for moving forward and getting things done effectively inside and outside the office. A powerful book that enables you to transform what you do and simply as possible."
-- Paul J. Krupin,, President, Direct Contacts Services, Inc.; Creator and Founder of QContracts

"Anyone familiar with a business plan will recognize that this closely mirrors the structure of a business plan. However, a Lean Canvas is much quicker and avoids all the “proof” of assumptions required in a business plan. It is a high-level, concise look at the business concept, that is proven or disproven through continual testing with target customers. Most importantly the Running Lean process forces entrepreneurs to concentrate on the business not the product, which is so common among entrepreneurs, or a customer centric approach instead of a product development one."
-- Tony Wanless, Financial Post

"One of the most fascinating parts of the book is where Maurya discusses how he used this approach to write his book. It is a great illustration of how this approach is not just for technology companies. Any business can use this approach to bring a project or product to market. While this book is for many types of businesses, I will say that the language of the book does reflect Maurya’s technology background. A small business owner can definitely make the system work for their needs."
-- Beth Schillaci, Marketing Roadhouse, Founder of VillageWorks Communications

"Anyone familiar with a business plan will recognize that this closely mirrors the structure of a business plan. However, a Lean Canvas is much quicker and avoids all the “proof” of assumptions required in a business plan. It is a high-level, concise look at the business concept, that is proven or disproven through continual testing with target customers."
-- Tony Wanless, Financial Post, Knowpreneur Consultants

"Whether you read Running Lean in hardcover or the Kindle edition, I’m pretty confident you’ll find you’re spending less time cleaning up after yourself and more time building things your customers actually want."
-- Tim Peter, Tim Peter Thinks

"Invaluable for anyone thinking of starting a company of any kind."
-- Gary Evans, Dr. Dobbs

"Ash Maurya focuses on practice and advice that can be applied. He presents a step-by-step process and a formula to enhance your chances. By the time you finish reading this book you have a list of action items to be applied to your own startup."
-- Shashank Tiwari, Shashank Tiwari blog, Technology entrepreneur, developer and author

"Overall this book is likely to be helpful for the novice entrepreneur who has a good idea for a software or web-based product but lacks experience and is uncertain how to start on it. Its advice about testing opinion and gaining feedback early and often should either help you achieve success or prevent you from getting bogged down or wasting valuable resources (time and effort) on a project that is going nowhere."
-- Sue Gee, I Programmer

"In today's world of startups, popup business, and new fads in the work place it seems like a lot of folks are missing the basics. Namely that we're not creating or marketing the right product. It's great to have a cool new app that tells you the time in multiple languages, but is it worth the money to develop it? And will people want it? I remember in my hometown of about 34,000 a new business opened up that dealt exclusively with selling pool tables. No repairs or anything like that, just selling the tables. Needless to say it went out of business quickly and the owners likely could have gotten a lot from Ash's book. While he sometimes states the obvious, conducting market research anyone?, he does a great job of explaining how to go about finding out what's needed and creating a plan to get start or improve your place of work. Ash takes us through his process step by step by explaining how he used it to write this book. From the idea, to the testing, to the final publishing and marketing of the book, he shows us this process can make things work. " Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,

""We are living in an age of entrepreneurship" And Ash Maurya give you the tools to test systematically your idea, give you the right step you need to improve your startup. The Lean Canvas, works very well and suits every kind of industry, you don't have to be in the tech side to get this working, you only had to be constant and apply this. Your are constantly encourage to act, to define your MVP, and go and test it." Full Review >
-- Jose Betancur,

"Originally submitted at O'ReillyIterate from Plan A to a Plan That WorksRunning Lean, 2nd EditionRunning Lean, 2nd Edition ReviewBy m2web from Erlanger, KY on 6/24/20124out of 5Pros: Easy to understand, Concise, Accurate, Helpful examplesBest Uses: Novice, Expert, IntermediateDescribe Yourself: DeveloperThis book is a practical work that enables you to take… " Full Review >
-- Mark McFadden,

"I found this book to be very thought provoking. Several years ago I worked as an independent consultant and really enjoyed it. But I always only sold my time. I think most people who do have a entrepreneurial spirit understand that to really succeed you must leverage this and sell… " Full Review >
-- Mike Erickson,

"Maurya writes lucidly about how to take your product/business idea and shape it; about how to organize your team to focus on The Problem and The Solution; about how to reach out to customers and interview them, to help them help you define the problem space; about how to pull out real information from those interviews and test releases, and learn real lessons instead of just confirming how great you think you are. The lessons of Running Lean help you to create a real solution for a real problem, and not just be a clever solution looking for the right problem." Full Review >
-- Rob Friesel,

"Every startup has it's good and bad days. Question is, what to do, when you find that your initial idea is not quite as good as you expected it to be." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"As the idea of the Lean Startup spreads, Ash Maurya has written a hugely useful book full of examples of implementing the Lean Startup Methodology. If you are starting a company, or want to adopt the Lean Startup approach, Running Lean is a must read. "
--Brad Feld, Foundry Group, Managing Director