Media praise for 50 Tips and Tricks for MongoDB Developers

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"I would recommend this book as a companion book to the definitive guide to MongoDB by the same author because together, they build a solid foundation for MongoDB."
-- Gregory Zentkovich,

"I am a fan of short books to be used as quick references, and this one fits this criteria. Have a question? Find the matching topic, and get a concise answer with examples in a few pages." Full Review >
-- Matt Keranen,

"This book is not a beginner book for MongoDB, for that you should read MongoDB: The Definitive Guide. The book is all about tips & tricks, numbered from 1 to 50. The author Kristina Chodorow is a respectful MongoDB developer, she is the maintainer of PHP & Python drivers for MongoDB." Full Review >
-- Khaled Alhourani,

"50 Tips & Tricks for MongoDB Developers is a new offering from O’Reilly in the shorter (66 pages in the ebook format) but more current format they seem to have recently adopted. The audience for the book is described as those who know the basics of MongoDB, but need to… " Full Review >
-- John Brady,

"The book 50 Tips and Tricks for MongoDB Developers, provides some good food for thought relating to the tradeoffs when working with document stores in general and MongoDB in particular." Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,