Media praise for Data Source Handbook

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"Data Source Handbook by Pete Warden is new, fresh, and covers many different interfaces that give you access to cool stuff...This book is very current, and if you get an electronic version that you can cut and paste from, you can, well, cut and paste from it and get up to speed even faster. And no Post-Its. You can interface with Google Books, various movie databases, and all sorts of other things. I highly recommend it."
-- Greg Laden,

"This new book from O'Reilly Media, written by a former Apple engineer, Pete Warden, is a catalog of code for connecting to publicly available APIs for all kinds of sites." Full Review >
-- John Sharp,

"This is a short eye opening book on the data and apis that are freely available on the web. " Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,

"While this bills itself as covering 'the most useful sources of public data available today" and that "You'll find useful information on APIs" what this really is a sampling of a small number (57) sources and an example of its… " Full Review >
-- Kiatikun Luangkesorn,

"The Data Source Handbook by Pete Warden provides a concise and handy guide to some of the main sources of public data accessible on the web today. It's a very short book of 40 pages. This in itself does not stand against the book. These sources are rapidly changing and compiling and committing an exhaustive survey to a printed volume would damn it to almost instant obsolescence." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,

"This book propose a list of API to access data on the web. A great resource to create mashups." Full Review >
-- David Paccoud,

"The Data Source Handbook is a *very* short book with ideas for using APIs to extract data from various web sites. This is definitely a book for developers only, as a knowledge of JSON, XML, scripting languages and utilities like curl are assumed. While reading through the book generated some… " Full Review >
-- John Brady,

"A concise reference 'cookbook' guide for developers who want to integrate 'free' public data into their website or application, Pete Warden provides a guide to the APIs. The organisation of the book is quite logical, based on the subject of data you want to work with, such as websites, services, information on names of people, search APIs, and so on." Full Review >
-- Doron Katz,

"There’s a simple word describing this book: toolbox. The Data Source Handbook is a great source of free APIs for a great number of different applications – with only one drawback: size. The book starts by offering a simple categorization, that helps the reader find his way through the 57… " Full Review >
-- Antonis Ventouris,

"Data Source Handbook is a quick reference guide written for developers that work with open data API's. This will be a valuable resource for web programmers. Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"If you ever need a quick and short guide on web data sources that can be used (mostly) in any application to give it "top value", this is the book for you." Full Review >
-- Rafael Flores,

"Originally submitted at O’Reilly Handy guide to Open Data APIs By iRomin from Mumbai, India on 2/7/2011   4out of 5 Pros: Concise, Easy to understand, Helpful examples Cons: Endpoints might change Best Uses: Intermediate, Novice, Student Describe Yourself: Developer The Data Source handbook by Pete Warden is a short… " Full Review >
-- Romin Irani,