Media praise for Hilary Mason: An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data

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"This video targets to beginners of machine learning who would like to take a look what machine learning is and what application can be created with the technology. The video starts from an explanation (30 minutes) of a basic machine learning method "Bayzes' theorem" and an application sample code (50 minutes) treating New York Times contents to be classified into 'sports' or 'politics' and so on." Full Review >
-- Hitoshi Uchida,

"Hilary Mason video is a great introduction to marching learning with web data. The video format, although slower to assimilate, provides a visual feedback on code running results." Full Review >
-- David Paccoud,

"With such easy-to-follow and comprehensive contents, this video is definitely useful for those who are interested to learn and apply machine learning techniques to web or text data." Full Review >
-- Wilson Leoputra,

"The class plays with delicious tags, content from nytimes API and introduces you to ways of getting sample data easily available on the internet for analysis. As the title suggests, this is an introductory video series enough to get started with. Some machine learning algorithms and use cases for these to apply on real world data are just introduced. At the end, it will help you understand where machine learning is applied on various internet services and will definitely create enough curiosity to study further on this topic." Full Review >
-- Anil Kumar Yerragondu,

"An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data by Hilary Mason; O'Reilly Media.The video itself is presented in five sections: (1) Introduction, (2) Classifying Web Documents - The Theory, (3) Classifying Web Documents - The Code, (4) Clustering , Recommendations, and Probability, and (5) Conclusion. In short, the video Hilary… " Full Review >
-- Mark McFadden,

"Hilary Mason's An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data is a great resource for programmers possessing a basic understanding of Python, interested in broadening their skill-set. This video on how to 'teach' machines to not only recognize differences in data, but also predict data sources..." Full Review >
-- Giacomo Santangelo,

"An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data is a new video offering from O’Reilly with data scientist Hilary Mason delivering the content in seminar format.   At slightly under three hours in length, broken into five segments, the video is a well-paced primer for those new to machine learning. The… " Full Review >
-- John Brady,