Media praise for jQuery Pocket Reference

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"Overall an excellent book that clearly achieves everything that intends."
-- Stephen Chapman,

"I've enjoyed previous books by David Flanagan and decided to read jQuery Pocket Reference. I thought I would quickly skim through the chapters because I considered myself fairly proficient in jQuery. After the first chapter and Flanagan's explanations of jQuery's method, object, and function ('a' versus 'the'), I decided to read more in-depth. I'm glad, because this is one of the best books I've read in O'Reilly's Pocket Reference library. I was surprised to have found a one which has a perfect balance between API, examples, and explanation."
-- Jim Schubert, I Prefer Jim

"Considering there's only 146 pages in this pocket guide, Flanagan uses them well to pack in a lot of essential information. He balances a great mixture of core information with short code snippets to show the options in context. If you're already comfortable with JavaScript coding, this could well be your main book for learning jQuery. Between this and other web site resources, you'd probably get most everything you need. Personally, I prefer something a bit more conversational for learning, so I'd use this pocket guide as a supplemental information source. Still, it's hard to go wrong here, and it's a great value. Definitely recommended... "
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"The way the Javascript concepts ware presented step by step pleased me, of course you need to have a previous knowledge of javascript, so I suggest you to learn about javascript basics before, but after reading this book it is common to program in "jQuery" because the author makes the use of this library so natural that you forget most about the JS basics before you knew jQuery." Full Review >
-- Rodrigo Jardim,

"As the title already shows this should be treated as a reference rather than a book you should read from start to finish. I read the first couple of chapters and it learned me a lot about the way JQuery works." Full Review >
-- Patrick Barel,

"Originally submitted at O'Reilly jQuery is the "write less, do more" JavaScript library. Its powerful features and ease of use have made it the most popular client-side JavaScript framework for the Web. This book is jQuery's trusty companion: the definitive "read less, learn more" guide to the library." Full Review >
-- Jim Schubert,

"Perfect for the beginning jQuery programmer or intermediate that needs a quick reference." Full Review >
-- Sean Patterson,

"jQuery Pocket Reference provides a very useful coverage of jQuery and the functionality it provides. It presents the key concepts and how to work with jQuery. This makes it sound like a book for beginners to jQuery (which to some extent it is), but it is also excellent for people with much more experience, who want to review what they know, and also have a good reference. " Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,

"As we work with jQuery, we realize that this book is a swift, clear and well organized reference, all the features of this great javascript framework." Full Review >
-- Marc 137,

"David Flanagan is author of 'Javascript:The Definitive guide' book where jQuery had a chapter. Since jQuery is such a powerful library and so well suited to pocket reference format this book has been published. " Full Review >
-- Abirami Sivaramakrishnan,

"Like most O'Reilly cookbooks, this follows the same usual familiar pattern and serving the same purpose, of being a quick fire reference to how to do most things, without the author waffling on, that is commonly associated with most books that are thicker. If you have read a previous cookbook you would know that this book only serves those who have have the basic understanding of how this technology works, have worked with it before or have read a more comprehensive introduction to JQuery. " Full Review >
-- Doron Katz,

"jQuery Pocket Reference, by David Flanagan leads the reader through a lot of the basic jQuery principles. This book is for those who are fairly familiar with JavaScript already, and are interested in the jQuery library, or those who may have some experience with jQuery and want a solid guide… " Full Review >
-- Wayne Werner,