Media praise for Creating a Website: The Missing Manual

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"This is the most complete all-in-one manual on website development I have ever read. I was amazed on the amount of information covered in this book, it is almost overwhelming. But, if you stick it out, the end result will be a thorough foundation on website development, community building and, if you wanted to, use your new found knowledge and skills to make money on the web."
-- Gregory Zentkovich,

"Matthew writes this book as if the reader has no previous experience with coding and even no experience with really understanding how the web works, i.e. how servers render webpages and understanding how a URL works. So if you have lots of experience with these areas then this book probably isn't for you. If however, you've never designed a webpage before or it's been a long time since you've coded this is the book that you want to pick up." Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,

"Rather than been an inhuman how-to guide, Mathew MacDonald has effectively maintained the tone of this book as that of a geekish teacher who shares his experience of years in a friendly and easy to understand tone. Ultimately the reader ends up not only knowing how to create a web site, but also about fine tuning and marketing it to match its requirements." Full Review >
-- Pasan Wijesinghe,