Media praise for Programming HTML5 Applications

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"Author Zachary Kessin has got a very readable style, and what he has to say is interesting and engaging. To be honest lots of tech authors really struggle on this, but he doesn't, which is a real bonus. "
-- TechBookReport,

"HTML and JavaScript are now intertwined in producing an enchanting user experience. With this book, you can master the latest in this evolution. Tap the full power of HTML5 and learn how to build complete, self-contained applications that can run on mobile devices and compete with desktop apps."
-- Ricardo Martinez,

"Quién espere encontrar el manual definitivo sobre la creación de aplicaciones web usando HTML5 no encontrará lo que busca, el que piense que por ser una introducción será lo suficientemente básico para el usuario novato tampoco. Es un libro para saber como hay que arrancar pero teniendo un conocimiento previo sobre el tema. Si uno no tiene una necesidad imperiosa de introducirse en el desarrollo de aplicaciones web html5 lo mejor que puede hacer es darle unos meses y conseguirse las ediciones posteriores, y los que quieren aprender pueden afilarse los dientes con algunos otros libros de la editorial." Full Review >
-- Diego Gonzalez,

"I liked the book. I got it from the blogger reviews program because I was really interested on it's content, and I knew, by the table of contents, it will not be about just HTML tags and semantics, but about the tools used to build modern web apps." Full Review >
-- Eustaquio Rangel de Oliveira Jr.,

"The book has good coverage of the programming features in HTML5 like Local Storage, IndexedDB, Files, Offline Applications, Web Workers, and Web Sockets. It even has a primer on JavaScript and JavaScript Tools as well as quick coverage of the new HTML5 Tags. Unfortunately, there are just better books that discuss the same topics in my humble opinion." Full Review >
-- David Hayden,