Media praise for Crap Detection 101: How to Distinguish Good and Bad Information Online

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"This video series by Howard Rheingold helps the viewer try to determine what is junk and what is valid information on the web. There are 12 different video segments that let you jump to just the information you are looking for, or you can watch them all at one time. The program is set up in an interview format so that it is not just a talking head video. The interviewer is asking Mr. Rheingold various questions to keep the video on topic and moving forward." Full Review >
-- David Peach,

"This video series covers the basics of how you judge the validity of information on the internet as well as many other topics. The video is presented in the format of an informal interview and is done well to keep … Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Gary Gragg,

"We are at a point where not only do we have hundred of different ways to consume information, we also have to deal with way too many sources that are less than credible. " Full Review >
-- Ziv Kitaro,

"Howard Rheingold, the author of Smart Mobs, looks at several different media literacy issues: determining authority, avoiding scams and getting good information. Crap Detection 101 is also an expansion of an article that he wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle (and which is still available online). He uses examples and… " Full Review >
-- Christine Gertz,

"The Video Crap Detection 101: How to Distinguish Good and Bad Information Online is targeted at parents, educators and high schools students to provide them with the tools to identify the difference between accurate and inaccurate information online." Full Review >
-- Richard Hamilton,

"What I am going to review is Howard Rheingold's video "Crap Detection 101: How to Distinguish Good and Bad Information Online". What the video is about? It is about the internet and the information we get through internet. Howard Rheingold, in his one and a half hour video (approximately), discusses with Mark Brokering of Safari Books Online, about several issues concerning internet, about information, and as the title says, how to distinguish good and bad Information." Full Review >
-- Lily Veremis,

"O'Reilly is offering a series of videos from internet pioneer Howard Rheingold on how people can determine for themselves whether the information they come across on the web is useful, valid, legitimate, or... just plain crap. Because there's a lot of crap out there." Full Review >
-- Rich Rosen,

"I really, really, enjoyed this Video. But before I will tell about my feelings let me tell you about what the Video is all about." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"Howard Rheingold trains you how to evaluate vet information that you find out on the 'net." Full Review >
-- Leo Marihart,